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We don’t just love food. We live food.

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We are Smiths Agency.

We are an independent marketing company laser focused on delivering world-class ideas and strategies for food and beverage brands. Our experience spans over 100 F&B brands in 20 years, from icons to startups. But it’s really about one. Yours. And helping you become part of the new cultural conversation.

Our work.

A bag of Sahale Snacks on a table next to fresh ingredients that make the product.
Sahale Snacks

Cracking the mainstream.

A cartoon drawing of a man giving a woman a bouquet made of Dum-Dums.

Growing an icon.

Premier Protein

Leveraging the superfan.

Nothing beats a real conversation.

Whether you’re a heritage brand, challenger brand or clean slate brand, we’d love to learn about your product—or project.

The hot, the sweet, the spicy.

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