Dum-Dums - Make Life Pop! Campaign.

Dum-Dums Growing an icon.

A cartoon drawing of a man giving a woman a bouquet made of Dum-Dums.

What do you think of when you think of a Dum-Dums pop? The cute shape? The bright colors? The amazing flavors?

A cartoon showing a young girl with her family, reaching out to grab a balloon that is a Dum Dum's pop.
Dum-Dum's: Make Life Pop!  Logo

Iconic brands are less about functional benefits (okay, the Mystery Flavor is pretty darn awesome). And more about stories and values. They have the power to make us feel something.

Sometimes, you just have to dig into the experiences and emotions people already share with a brand—and get out of the way.

A cartoon of a dog who dug up his hidden bone, but it appears to be a Dum Dums pop!  He is giving it to his friend, a young girl who is laughing.

Especially if they taste like root beer.

More Case Studies.

Charmaine walking with a Premier Protein drink, photographed by Smiths Agency.
Premier Protein

Leveraging the superfan.

A number of different McCain Foodservice products on a table with a yellow background.
McCain Food Services

Reviving an industry.

Nothing beats a real conversation.

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