McCain Foodservice logo and a carton of fresh french fries.
An illustrated image of the front door of a restaurant with a "Yes we are open" sign.

They were first dates, anniversaries, birthdays, free chips and salsa.

They were laughter and buzz and sitting knee-to-knee with someone you cared about.

They were the backbones of our communities—until they weren’t.

A number of different McCain Foodservice products on a table with a yellow background.

Restaurants were knocked to their knees by COVID-19. And McCain Foods, a major supplier of fries and appetizers, was forced to rethink, well, everything.

An open takeout container with tacos made from breaded cauliflower from McCain Foodservice.

The result was McCain’s highest-performing campaign in recent years.

And some really, really good takeout.

  • 100%
    Increase in reach
  • 28%
    Boost in impressions
  • 67%
    Lift in engagement rate

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