When Nestlé moved their headquarters across the country to Arlington, VA, they needed to staff up in a big way.

Nestle USA Chairman in a kitchen.

In order to fuel their recruitment efforts, we approached this project with the plan of capturing a library of videos, photography and social media ads. We maximized our time with each on-camera subject and were able to create a consistent brand experience for all internal comms, hiring, and recruitment efforts.

A Nestle employee telling a story.

Attracting talent in today’s environment means virtual first impressions are everything. High quality digital content, can help quickly set a brand apart from the competition and communicate what makes their workplace unique.

Nestlé AMA – Kate
Nestlé AMA – Tom

Ask Me Anything

Throughout our production, on camera talent was comprised of actual Nestlé staff, including their CEO. Utilizing walk walk-and-talk style interviews, prospective hires get an inside look into the everyday life and experiences of Nestlé employees.

Every One Of Nestle's 308,000 Employees has been in your shoes.

Day One Onboarding

The onboarding video takes our laid back, approachable style one step further by interviewing a variety of employees who provide emotional insights from their own experiences. Not only does this content give new hires an authentic look at the company culture, but it also brings a bit of levity to their first day.

A Nestle employee in a conference room.
A Nestle Employee leaning against the wall.
Nestle Employees in a conference room.
Three Nestle Employees in a conference room.
A Nestle Employee in a conference room.

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