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Our Work

We believe the best work embraces culture and adds value to people’s lives. Creates lifelong connections and makes us care. Reaches millions but seems to speak to only one. It can also make us drool.

Case Studies.

A bag of Sahale Snacks on a table next to fresh ingredients that make the product.
Sahale Snacks

Cracking the mainstream.

Charmaine walking with a Premier Protein drink, photographed by Smiths Agency.
Premier Protein

Leveraging the superfan.

A cartoon drawing of a man giving a woman a bouquet made of Dum-Dums.

Growing an icon.

A Smiths Agency designer is adding accents to an ice cream dish being filmed for a commercial.

Maybe you want the whipped cream, cherries and nuts. Maybe you just want design.

Our Approach

More work.

Nothing beats a real conversation.

Whether you’re a heritage brand, challenger brand or clean slate brand, we’d love to learn about your product—or project.

The hot, the sweet, the spicy.

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