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With summer fast approaching, Tribe wanted to develop a social media campaign full of usage occasions, product forward images and playful animations.

A variety of Tribe Hummus on a table.

Tribe was looking for some fresh content to promote their Sweet Hummus product line. Knowing this was a summer focused campaign, we developed a visual style inspired by summer evenings shared with family and friends. The bright lighting, long shadows and dinner party styled layouts leaned into the theme and provided inspiration for new hummus usage occasions.

Despite a firm deadline and the COVID-19 pandemic, we buckled down, got creative and delivered a library of cohesive and fun new assets to promote their Sweet Hummus.

Tribe – Expand Your Horizons
Tribe Hummus – Testimonial

Building An Asset Library

Each element was carefully created for adaptability and usage throughout Tribe’s media plan. Images each needed to be cropped at least three different ways to work within carousel ads, Instagram stories and individual posts. In addition, the layouts were built so that the images could work in a horizontal crop for future e‑mails, website updates and any other occasions where the client might want to promote the Sweet Hummus product line.

Tribe Hummus ads on a smartphone.
Dark chocolate usage slide 11 14
Tribe Sweet Hummus8408
Tribe Sweet Hummus8227
Pea no nut usage slide 12 15

The real challenge with this shoot stemmed from the restrictions we faced while working during COVID-19. In order to keep the project moving and ready to launch for the summer months we had to get creative. The team developed an approach that allowed for our client and creative team to participate in the production remotely while photographer Noah Purdy worked alone in the studio. Our always awesome food stylist Quelcy consulted via Zoom and was able to provide Noah with live feedback through sketched markups on each shot to get the final images feeling just right.

Microsoft Teams image 4
Microsoft Teams image 5
Microsoft Teams image 2
Microsoft Teams image 3

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